Detroit Style Pizza in Saigon


At LAMIE, we celebrate being different. Our motto, "WE BUILT DIFFERENT," reflects our commitment to uniqueness and diversity. We believe that each person brings something special to the table, and by embracing our differences, we create an environment where we can exchange ideas, learn, and blend cultures.

When you visit LAMIE, you're not just enjoying delicious Detroit style pizza; you're immersing yourself in a space that celebrates individuality and diverse perspectives. Join us in embracing our differences and savoring unity and cultural exchange.

Detroit Style

The first Detroit style pizzeria in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. At LAMIE we offer pizza that is unlike any other. Our pizza has its own unique style, story, and shape, born and bred in Detroit. It's characterized by its crispy edges and fluffy interior, just like the vibrant city it hails from. Our pizza is made for hardworking individuals from all walks of life. So whether you want to enjoy a freshly made square with friends, treat your family, or savor it all to yourself, go ahead and indulge. You deserve this deliciousness, and we want you to love every bite.

New Experience

At LAMIE, we pay meticulous attention to detail. Every pizza is carefully crafted and perfectly seasoned, beginning with the pan itself. The legend goes that in 1946, a customer brought in an auto parts tray from the factory he worked at and suggested that Gus and Anna Guerra, the originators of Detroit style pizza, try baking their pizzas in those pans. That's when the cheesy, crunchy crust that sets our pizza apart was born.

Come experience pizza from the center of Saigon. We do things the Detroit way because we believe in quality, tradition, and creating a pizza that will leave you craving more. So turn up the music, grab a drink, and dig in. You deserve this slice of Detroit-style deliciousness.


158/4 Đ. Nguyễn Công Trứ,

Phường Nguyễn Thái, D1, SAIGON, VIETNAM

"Delicious Pizza, Delivered Fresh"

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